Virtual Puppy Raising Course

Raising Your Pandemic Puppy

Did you get a puppy only to find that COVID-19 stomped out your chances of getting him or her into puppy class?  Are you worried your pup is missing out on proper training during a critical developmental window? 
Let Fetch Please Dog Training help with our new Virtual Puppy Raising During a Pandemic Course!  You’ll get a series of training videos and materials that are readily available to you whenever YOUR schedule allows it.  These online materials are available for only $100!
With just a few clicks, you can get your puppy started on the right paw even in the middle of a pandemic. 
The materials are readily available for pups under 6 months.  Call or email Fetch Please today!


Group Classes

All classes are held at The Fetch Please Dog Training Facility in Moses Lake.

Stay tuned for more class options