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Training Plans

Catered to you and your dogs needs

Fetch Please Dog Training bases our training approach off of the LIMA model (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive). This means we start with a wellness check and do our best to understand the underlying cause for behaviors.  We then focus our efforts using positive reinforcement, avoiding the use of aversives unless deemed necessary.  Mainly, we aim to provide owners with the tools necessary to continue training throughout their dogs lives.  Much of the concepts taught are focused on training not only the dog but the owner as well! The private lesson format allows the trainer to truly customize training for each dog's individual needs and opens the floor for owners to ask whatever questions they have.  Owners can opt for the following:


  • Intro to Training Package (starts at $450) - This includes 6 hours worth of private lessons set either at the training facility, in the owner's home, or in dog friendly public spaces - essentially wherever is fitting for the dogs training goals.  This is a good program to learn the 7 essential commands and address minor behavior issues.  Each lesson is preferably scheduled at least a week apart but with no more than two weeks between lessons. This way the owner can have optimal time to practice their weekly training goals but won't be without guidance for too long.

  • Naughty Paws Program (starts at $875) - This includes 12 1-hour private lessons, located either at the training facility, owner's home, or dog friendly public space.  This program is meant for those more severe behavior concerns and includes more in-depth behavioral interventions.  

  • Online Training - Often we will start the training process through half-hour zoom sessions in order to establish foundation training concepts and tools. 

  • Single Private Lessons - These are typically .5-1 hour sessions. The location is dependent on the owner's goals and the dogs needs and abilities.  Owner and dog must've completed a training package in order to purchase single lessons.


If you are dedicated to helping your dog reach their full potential while continuing to build your bond with them, contact Fetch Please today!

Fetch Please charges mileage outside of Moses Lake.  If you'd like to avoid this fee, lessons can be scheduled at the Fetch Please Training Facility or in a public space within the Moses Lake area.

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