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While earning her BS in psychology, Fetch Please Dog Training’s founder ran a dog sitting service, caring for clients’ four-legged family members.

After completing key courses in the psychology of learning, Lori put the concepts she learned into practice, volunteering for the MOD Squad behavior modification team at the local animal shelter. She continued her education by studying animal behavior and the psychological benefits of Human-Animal Interaction.

Upon graduating, Lori began a full immersion, 6-month animal training apprenticeship working with canines, equines, and camelids.

In 2017, Lori moved to Moses Lake, WA where she started Fetch Please Dog Training.  Since opening, hundreds of dogs have gone through private and group class training's with Lori, learning how to behave at home and in the presence of strangers and other dogs.  Lori's favorite part of the job is creating lasting bonds with her 4-legged and 2-legged clients, while watching owners and dogs grow into confident dog-handler teams.   

Not to mention all the dog kisses!

When Lori's not training other people's dogs, she is either off on an adventure with her own dogs, or expanding her canine behavior knowledge through books and conferences.  In fall 2019 she attended the Association of Professional Dog Trainer's annual conference and, even through COVID, was able to attend several virtual workshops and conferences.  Lori is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge in canine behavior and practice new skills with her dogs.  



Smart Dog

Bachelor's of Science in Psychology

Lori graduated from Bemidji State University, with her B.S in Psychology, December 2016.  Her research while obtaining her degree was focused in Human-Animal Interaction.



Lori finished a 6 month, full-immersion apprenticeship in animal training through the Animal Behavior Academy in Colorado.  Though her studies focused on dog and service dog training, she also trained horses, alpaca, and cattle.



Lori is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT.

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CGC Evaluator

Lori is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the American Kennel Club.  By appointment, Lori can test you for your CGC, Community Canine, or Urban Canine.


APDT Professional Member

Lori is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  She attended APDT's most recent annual conference, where she improved on previously learned skills and was introduced to new research and training concepts.  She looks forward to continuing her educationthrou

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AKC ATT Evaluator

AKC recently developed a Temperament title, for which Lori jumped at the opportunity to become an evaluator!  When it comes to breeding for the betterment of a breed, Lori is very passionate about sound temperament being a requirement.  That in mind, contributing to demonstrating its importance was a must!

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Published Author

As an undergrad psych student, Lori gained her interest in dog training through reading research regarding the effectiveness of Prison Dog Programs (PDP's).  The idea of behavior modification for dogs being therapeutic and ultimately life changing for humans was particularly special to her and motivated her to pursue a career involving one or both of these concepts.  Later, with her experience researching HAI and her expertise in canine behavior, Lori was asked to contribute to a SPRINGER Publication regarding the creation and management of PDP's. 
She is now a contributing author to the book titled, "Prison Dog Programs: Renewal and Rehabilitation in Correctional Facilities".

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IAABC Supporting Member

Lori is a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.


2020 Aggression in Dogs Attendee

In October 2020, Lori attended the virtual Aggression in Dogs Conference hosted by world renowned trainer, Michael Shikashio, and The Loose Leash Academy.


Defensive Handling Training

Lori has completed an Aggressive Dog Defensive Handling Course, hosted by world renowned trainer, Michael Shikashio and the Loose Leash Academy.


Aggression in Dogs Master Course Certificate

Lori finished the Aggression in Dogs Master Course, taught by world-renowned aggression in dogs specialist, Michael Shikashio.


Tia Volkamer

Puppy Class Trainer

Tia’s interest in dog training sparked over ten years ago out of necessity when she adopted a “cute little dog” that turned out to be a high drive, high energy pup with dog reactivity.  Learning to live harmoniously with this pup required learning about a dog’s need for physical activity and mental stimulation, and, importantly, how to fit these needs into a busy life. It also required learning about dog behavior modification, working (slowly) from a starting point of barking and lunging at the sight of any dog to end goal of walking calmly near other dogs.

Since then, Tia has developed a training philosophy centered around building a positive, fun owner-dog relationship. She has gained experience working with dogs in the Seattle Humane Society Dog Behavior Unit. Always striving to become a better dog trainer, Tia has attended a variety of dog training courses and continues to develop her knowledge through dog training courses and conferences.


Brynn Shewman

Online Trainer

Brynn and Seward.jpg

Brynn Shewman recently earned her BA in Anthrozoology from Carroll College in Helena, MT. Just like so many others, Brynn has grown up around dogs her entire life whilst living in Anchorage, Alaska. As a child, she loved being able to work and train with her two labs whenever she could find the time. As Brynn grew older she yearned to explore the world of human and animal interactions and relationships further, and as such, decided to major in Anthrozoology! 

This field of study has helped Brynn choose to pursue a career of training dogs and helping people deepen their own relationships with their canine companions. Some of her favorite classes have included canine science, survey of animals in service, wild animals in society, and humans and horses.

As a junior in the Carroll College Anthrozoology program, Brynn fostered a dog from the local shelter, a young pit bull named Precious. While working with Precious, Brynn got firsthand experience applying behavior modification techniques, teaching basic obedience, and observing others in her program do the same with their respective shelter animals, and focus on specific dog jobs (scent work, service animal tasks, agility, etc.) throughout her entire year. Upon “Companion Animal Graduation” in April of 2021, Brynn was proud to receive her cord she could display during her own future graduation in May of 2022. Precious also graduated the Anthrozoology program and got the best graduation gift life could give – a forever family! For her senior year, Brynn trained her own dog, Seward, competition obedience skills, tracking, and many other fun activities!

Brynn is excited to continue learning and gaining hands on experience by working as an employee of Fetch Please with Lori. Brynn’s methods of training are focused on least intrusive, minimally aversive (LIMA), and positive reinforcement (in some ways, some people might call her a cookie-pusher when it comes to having a good time with your dog!) Brynn is also currently working towards her own CPDT-KA certification as well and plans to pursue post-graduate study in Anthrozoology this fall at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. Finally, Brynn is proud to mention that she also presented a TEDx talk titled, "The Language Within Us," about interspecies communication and studies in Anthrozoology – feel free to check it out on YouTube! 

When not training or focusing on her academic goals, Brynn can be found creating beautiful art as she loves to paint and draw pet portraits. In addition, she loves to read and apply her knowledge to her forever canine companion, Seward.