Virtual Puppy Raising Course

Raising Your Pandemic Puppy

Did you get a puppy only to find that COVID-19 stomped out your chances of getting him or her into puppy class?  Are you worried your pup is missing out on proper training during a critical developmental window? 
Let Fetch Please Dog Training help with our new Virtual Puppy Raising During a Pandemic Course!  You’ll get weekly training video that are readily available to you whenever YOUR schedule allows it.  You’ll have the opportunity to join one live session per week to practice and demonstrate skills without the distraction of other dogs in the same room, plus a Q and A with the trainer.  Best part?  You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for lessons!
For $140, and with just a few clicks, you can get your puppy started on the right paw even in the middle of a pandemic.  The materials for the 6-week course will be available starting May 25th!  Call or email Fetch Please today to sign-up!


Group Classes

School has never been so fun


Based off a statement made by the World Health Organization, we do not feel there is reason to be concerned for dogs transferring COVID-19 to each other or to humans they come in contact with. "[There is] no evidence that companion animals play a significant role in the spread of COVID-19.  Therefore, there is no justification in taking measures against companion animals which may compromise their welfare." 

  • Masks will be a requirement to enter the training facility

  • You will be expected to maintain at least a 6 foot distance from other class participants (really it will be 12ft considering dogs and leashes) 

  • There will be hand sanitizer next to the door - please sanitize upon arrival and before exiting

  • Our assistant will punch your card for you upon entry

  • The door and/or garage door will be open at the start of class so everyone can be seen while entering, allowing us to avoid crowding at the door.

  • The doors may remain open during class (weather depending) in order to get maximum air flow in the facility.  This means you will need to be all the more vigilant about maintaining control of you dog

  • The trainer will not be handling your leash at any time, nor will we be practicing greetings closer than 6 ft.

  • Please bring your own treats and treat bag 

  • If you or a household member are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever, headache, chills, sore throat, muscle ache or loss of taste or smell) PLEASE stay home and contact your doctor.  

  • Rest assured, we will be cleaning and sanitizing between each class. 

Let us help improve your animal-owner relationship. Training improves communication between you and your pet, builds your bond, and creates a confident canine.  Email or call Fetch Please in order to reserve your spot.

Puppy Play Time

Proper socialization is KEY in helping your puppy develop into a strong and confident dog.  Our Puppy Play Time class helps accomplish the socialization goals set by AKC's STAR Puppy Program, and get your puppy's zoomies worked out before participating in a group training session.

Participating dogs must:

  • Have a clean bill of health for every play date

  • Have at least 2nd round of shots

  • 3-5 months old

Clients will be required to bring their puppy in beforehand to show shot records and allow the trainer to evaluate the puppies play level. 

Puppies who participate in at least 6 play times and accomplish basic puppy training goals will be eligible to earn their STAR Puppy Certificate from AKC.

See AKC page for more details.

  • Puppy Play (limited to puppies under 5 months old):  Cards have 6 punches available for $60. A puppy upgrade can be added to any other group class punch card.

    • Socialization

    • Exposure

    • Body Awareness

See schedule in images below.

Call to schedule a brief evaluation with a trainer and to reserve a spot.

Leveled Group Classes, 1-4

Group Classes are held at the Fetch Please Training Facility.  Dogs and handlers will move at their own pace through a four-level model.  Every handler (no dogs) must reserve a spot at the required orientation with a $20, non-refundable deposit (next orientation on March 26th at 5pm). After attending an orientation, handlers and dogs will work their way through each level, moving up as they prove successful. 

Level 1: Getting Started - Basic commands (Sit, Down Beginning stages of recall, and Beginning stages of heel).  Introduction to life skills (Greetings, Calm around food, Body awareness, and Proximity and focus)

Level 2: Basic Manners - Basic commands (Come, Wait, Stay, Place, and Heel).  Life skills (Attention on owner and Door manners)

Level 3: Adding Distractions - Basic commands (Give and Take, Leave it, Drop it, and Stand). Life skills (All previously learned commands with mild distraction)

Level 4: Advanced Training - Basic commands (Back up, Auto sit, Sit/Down from distance, Heel perfected, Recall perfected, and Stay for longer duration). Life skills (Greetings from strangers, Body handling from strangers, All previously learned commands with some advanced distractions).

Participating dogs must:

  • Have a clean bill of health for every class

  • Be up-to-date with all their shots

  • Be at least 6 months old

Schedule: See image above.   

Classes will be sold by punch card - clients will need to purchase a punch card according to their training goals:​

  • Bronze: Cards have 8 punches available for $180

    • Training introduction

    • Level 2 Skills

    • Introduction to leash skills

  • Silver: Cards have 16 punches available for $325

    • Basic household manners

    • Some level 3 skills

  • Gold: Cards have 24 punches available for $475

    • Basic manners with distractions

    • Some level 4 skills

  • Platinum: Cards have 30 punches available for $595

    • Complete level 4 skills

    • Ready for CGC test

If you cannot make an orientation work or wish to get started in classes sooner, you can schedule a private orientation for $45.

Leash Reactivity Classes

Is your dog particularly expressive when meeting/seeing other people, dogs or provoking stimuli while on leash?  

Using Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), we will help teach your dog that those stimuli aren't anything to worry or obsess over.  

This class is scheduled based off of interest.  Participating dogs are required to have AT LEAST 1 private lesson with a Fetch Please head trainer before signing up. 


Group Classes

All classes are held at The Fetch Please Dog Training Facility in Moses Lake.

Stay tuned for more class options


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